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1200+ Canva Editable Templates

Prepare yourself to unleash a universe of boundless design possibilities with our extensive selection of 1200+ Canva templates that can be fully customized! 💪 Digitalmit is proud to offer this exceptional bundle at an unbeatable price of only ₹149, which will serve as your go-to toolset to create captivating visuals that capture and motivate. 🤩

4000+ Viral Reels Bundles

Elevate your social media game with our unrivalled collection of 4000+ Viral Reels that can boost your engagement!  🚀At a jaw-dropping price of ₹99, you’ll enjoy a never-ending supply of high-quality, intriguing entertainment. 😲

Premium 55+ Software+Courses

DigitalMit has 55+ software and courses 🌟! You'll have access to video and photo editing software 🎬📷, digital banners and posters 🖥️, stunning illustrations 🎨, and even t-shirt and product design 👕💻.

Premium Coding Course Bundle 19+

The DigitalMIT Coding Course Bundle is a comprehensive digital product designed for advanced learners 19+ Courses. The bundle includes courses on 19 different programming languages, frameworks, and tools, including Angular, ASP.NET, Backbone.js, C#, Coding Refactoring, Data Structures and Algorithms, Design Patterns, DotNET, Entity Framework, Ionic, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, React, React Native, Redux, SQL, and Xamarin Forms.

Premium Shopify 75+Theme

With over 75+ stunning themes to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one for your online store. 🔍